Aquarium STEM Classroom

Help us fill our Classroom!

We invite you to help us “fill our classroom” with furniture, science equipment, audio-visual equipment, animal biofacts and more! We anticipate more than 10,000 students will benefit from our classroom each year, getting their hands wet while thinking critically and problem solving real-life water stewardship and conservation issues. Your donations are vital to help us purchase classroom items on our wish list, which will in turn inspire thousands of youth in our community to learn about water and its importance to life on our planet.

Why is our STEM Classroom so important?

Visiting the St. Louis Aquarium and seeing our magnificent sea creatures will be an awe-inspiring learning experience in itself, but being able to bring students into our STEM Classroom at the Aquarium helps teachers and students dive deeper into important water stewardship issues, such as aquatic ecosystems, species and conservation; the Mississippi River watershed; water pollutants; and plastics/trash. In the classroom, we will often incorporate education animals into the curriculum, giving students the opportunity to touch, see up close, and observe in a more customized setting.

Thank you for your support!

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