Welcome to The St. Louis Aquarium Foundation

View Our Strategic PlanAt the heart of St. Louis, two great rivers converge. From its earliest origins, water has played an essential role in the landscape, development and prosperity of the St. Louis region. Water is the most vital resource on our planet, and the soon-to-open St. Louis Aquarium is a place where people will learn about and celebrate our region’s deep appreciation for the water that surrounds and sustains us while adding to the vibrancy of the burgeoning downtown revitalization.

The St. Louis Aquarium Foundation is the nonprofit partner to the St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station. It exists to help engage all members of the community by providing access and education programs and serving as the region’s recognized voice for water stewardship.

The Aquarium Foundation formed in November 2017 and was announced at the groundbreaking ceremony for the St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station. With the investments of the Aquarium and other attractions coming to Union Station in late 2019, the Foundation board desires to help ensure that this extraordinary educational and inspirational experience is accessible for all. We believe the Aquarium experience will motivate people to take action to preserve and protect the local water resources that surround and shape our daily lives.

The Foundation’s Executive Director Diane Bauhof joined the team in March 2018. She works in partnership with the St. Louis Aquarium leadership to reach into the community through both 1) engaging donors and partners; and 2) providing important science-based educational programs to schools and children. The Board of Directors is comprised of respected community leaders and individuals committed to a thriving greater St. Louis region.

While access and education are at the core of the Aquarium Foundation’s mission, we needed a clear roadmap for making a positive impact on the community. The Foundation spent six months researching, planning, listening, engaging educators and other community stakeholders to help inform our priorities and goals in a three-year strategic plan. The plan will guide our work through 2021 as the Foundation becomes more active
in the St. Louis region, in the conservation community, as a partner to the Aquarium, and as a resource to educators and researchers.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of the St. Louis Aquarium Foundation, we invite you to join us in this exciting effort. The ambitious goals detailed in this plan are crucial to building capacity to help our community, developing and strengthening community partnerships, and laying the groundwork for a thriving St. Louis Aquarium Foundation and St. Louis region that relies on water for life.


Steve O’Loughlin
Chairman of the Board
St. Louis Aquarium Foundation

Robert O’Loughlin
Founding Board Member
St. Louis Aquarium Foundation