Conservation & Education Exhibits

The Conservation & Education Exhibits

The St. Louis Aquarium Foundation presents interactive science-based exhibits on the topics of water conservation, our local waterways, and the effects of plastic on our rivers and oceans throughout the Aquarium.

The St. Louis Aquarium Foundation is committed to providing free Aquarium admission to individuals in under-resourced communities, teaching STEM education classes, and being our region’s recognized voice for water stewardship.

A visit to the Aquarium and our interactive exhibits starts that in motion


Fish Draw

The Fish Draw is a popular destination for Aquarium guests both young and young-at-heart. Add your flair to one of the fish coloring sheets, scan it in, and watch it swim in a colorful coral reef!

River Dance

River Dance presented by Enterprise Bank & Trust Foundation displays the shifts in the course of the Mississippi River throughout history. Through interpretive signs, guests learn about the people, flow, and attempts to tame this mighty river.

What’s Your Watershed

See the big picture of our country’s water flow at the What’s Your Watershed? exhibit presented by Kent Family Foundation. Enter a zip code or location to see where the water flows from to get to the selected location and also where the water flows after we use it (hint: usually the ocean). On each of the two interactive kiosks, dive a little deeper with factoids about issues that affect each watershed’s health.

Get Involved! Action Kiosks

At the Action Kiosks, guests can access information about getting involved in water conservation activities in our region, take the Eco-Footprint Quiz to see how our actions affect the environment, and learn ways to protect our waterways with tips from our exhibit sponsor Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District.

Species Discovery

Species Discovery presented by Nance Frost features four animals that can be found in or near regional waterways and are representative of how animals can affect and be affected by water quality.

River Clean-up Game

It takes everyone working together to keep our waterways clean, even at the River Clean-up Game! Up to five interactive games allow guests to find invasive animals, remove plastic pollution, swipe invasive plants, clean up trash, and find ways that toxins enter the river. Working as a team, though, you can make our river sparkle to keep our river otters healthy.

Rain Garden

The Rain Garden is a beautiful outdoor space located outside the entrance doors to the Aquarium featuring signs explaining how a rain garden works and how it can benefit the environment and health of our waterways. You can also learn how to create your own rain garden at home with the help of our exhibit sponsor Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District! With the help of some dedicated volunteers, we grow vegetables and plants that are used to augment our Aquarium residents’ diets. The garden was designed in partnership with the Missouri Botanical Garden.