Young Professionals Board

St. Louis Aquarium Foundation Young Professionals Board

Purpose Statement

The St. Louis Aquarium Foundation Young Professional Board (YPB) is a group of emerging leaders 22-40 years old who are dedicated to the Aquarium Foundation mission and passionate about giving back to the community. The YPB vision is to empower The St. Louis Aquarium Foundation’s access, education and conservation initiatives through financial support, volunteering, and member recruitment. YPB members collectively fundraise annually while increasing awareness of the Aquarium Foundation’s mission and serving as the Aquarium Foundations ambassadors in the St. Louis community.

Board Structure

Leadership team consists of a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary with other members at large.

Ideal Candidates

The ideal candidate is an up-and-coming professional between the ages of 22-40 with high-potential and a demonstrated ability to lead in their organization. They are passionate about being active and philanthropic members of their community and are committed to utilizing their skills to further the mission and vision of the St. Louis Aquarium Foundation. In return, candidates will receive the opportunity to further build their leadership capabilities as well as the opportunity to network with other business leaders from the St. Louis community.

Member Responsibilities

  • Be between the age of 22-40
  • Attend 75% of Board Meetings, approximately 3 times a year
  • Support Young Professionals Board events annually through attendance, sponsorship, planning, etc.
  • Serve on a Young Professionals Board Committee
  • Recruit event attendees, event sponsors, and/or potential new members
  • Pay $100 membership dues annually

For more information, please contact Gail Weller at or 314-923-3925.

Click here to fill out the YPB application.