Love Bites

Love Bites

Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun this Valentine’s Day and symbolically had your not-so-special someone fed to one of the animals at the St. Louis Aquarium! Your donation to Love Bites supports the mission of the St. Louis Aquarium Foundation to provide access and education to underserved communities and support our conservation initiatives.

Just to name a few of your exes that our ambassador animals gladly devoured over the past few weeks, Nugget nibbled on “Deceitful Dan”, Bonsai brunched on “Teresa” and Chico chomped on “Josh”, But what were the most popular names that were fed to our ambassador animals and where does Love Bite?

·         The most popular male name was Logan!

·         The most popular female name was Katie!

·         People from 17 states participated, everywhere from Hawaii to Florida!




We hope everyone finds that someone special, but we will be back again next year because somewhere LOVE BITES!