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World Oceans Day

Join us Tuesday, May 19th at 9:30am for a Facebook live where we celebrate World Oceans Day early by talking about how we can keep our oceans clean and their inhabitants healthy! We will also be doing live dive with the sharks in our Shark Canyon habitat.

World’s Ocean Day Activity

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Breakfast with the Tamandua

Tune in Thursday, May 14th at 9:30am central time for Breakfast with the Tamandua! Learn about what they eat, how they eat, and more fun facts!

Draw your own tamandua.

Take our tamandua quiz.

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Breakfast with our Salamanders

We’ve had breakfast with a sloth, the otters, the rays, some turtles, a bird, the fish – now we are having Breakfast with our Salamanders!

Learn about what they eat, how they eat, and more fun facts!

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Weird and Gross

The ocean is wild! The ocean is weird! Come learn about some of those wild, weird and gross things.

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Breakfast with Fish

Watch as our pilchards, angelfish, bumpers and more snack on some grub!

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Breakfast with Rosie

Learn about Rosie, our African Gray Parrot, and one of our ambassador animals at The St. Louis Aquarium. Learn about what she eats and more fun facts!

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Virtual Shark Biofacts

Join us on for an inside look at some of our shark biofacts! Biofacts are natural objects found alongside artifacts or features, such as animal bones, charcoal, plants, and pollen. In this case, learn about some of our biofacts including shark teeth and jaws!

Sink your teeth into this shark activity!

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Virtual Breakfast with Sharks

Test your shark knowledge with our quiz.

Make your own Zebra Shark.

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Virtual St. Louis Earth Day at the Aquarium

Tank you to earthday365 for inviting the St. Louis Aquarium Foundation and the St. Louis Aquarium to participate in a virtual St. Louis Earth Day!

Join us for our Earth Day special – Plastic Pollution Solutions – when our host Education Curator for the St. Louis Aquarium Foundation, Amelia Rodgers, will show us ways we can all help the environment by using less plastic, monitoring our “eco-footprint,” and also understanding how plastic can harm fish and all aquatic life.

Take our Eco-Impact Quiz to learn about how your habits affect the environment.

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Breakfast with Reptiles

Learn about and have breakfast with some of our reptile ambassador animals including what they eat and more fun facts! Joining us will be our skinks, bearded dragon and chameleon!

Did you watch our video? Lets see how well, try our quiz.

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Water Quality and Life Support Systems

What is it like to be an Engineering Manager at an Aquarium who takes care of the quality of our water and our life support systems that keep our animals alive. Learn how to determine water quality levels and much more!

Complete your own ocean habitat!

Test your water quality knowledge here.

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Breakfast with Nitro the Tortoise

Test your tortoise knowledge with a short quiz!

Make your very own tortoise with this activity page, and post your creations on our Facebook page to show us how they turn out!

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Virtual Vet

Spend the morning with the St. Louis Aquarium and our resident Veterinary Technician, Kelly, as we talk about what it is like to be a vet tech at an Aquarium. Learn what a vet tech is and what she does every day such as prepare and administer medications, observe animals for signs of illness, collect samples and much more!

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Virtual Otter Chat

River Otter word search click here

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Breakfast with the Rays

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Virtual Diving

Test yourself with our short Diving Quiz!

Make your own scuba diving craft and don’t forget to share your finished work on our Facebook page!

Learn more about diving signals from Scuba Diving International by clicking here.

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Breakfast with the Otters

You “otter” try this fun otter activity!

Test yourself with our Otter Quiz!

If you’d like to learn more about river otters, check out these links:
Missouri Department of Conservation otter information
National Geographic otter information

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Breakfast with Coconut

After you watch the video test yourself with our sloth quiz.

Click here to download our sloth activity page.

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